For each practical exam at IVAO, we have established a briefing guide.

This briefing guide will introduce all important details to you.

Make sure you read and understand it before requesting an exam!

Summary of contents:

  • Minimum hour requirements
  • Type of aircraft / Type of ATC position (as applicable)
  • Tasks to be performed
  • Required theoretical knowledge
  • Required accuracy

Note: This summary is only an excerpt and overview. For the actual contents, check the Briefing Guide.

Briefing Guides

Badge Aerodrome Controller Aerodrome Controller (ADC) ADC Briefing Guide    
Badge Approach Controller Approach Controller (APC) APC Briefing Guide    
Badge Center Controller Center Controller (ACC) ACC Briefing Guide    
Badge Senior Controller Senior Controller (SEC) SEC Briefing Guide    

Hebrew versions of the briefing files will be added soon,

Until the relase of the hebrew version with the divisional requirements - the requirements for the exams will be emailed to the examinee a week before the exam.

Your ATC mentor will guide and teach you everything you need to success in these exams while preforming the ATC training program.

Good luck to all examinees,
IVAO Israel Training Staff.