ATC Training

Welcome to IVAO Israel's ATC Training! IVAO enables people, like yourself, to enjoy online flight activities with real-time control and interact with both fellow controllers and pilots.

IVAO Israel requires from all the new controllers who want to control in Israel to go through the training process for both locals and visiting (GCA) controllers, In any case we hope you will have a great time with us.

Gradual education and experience is built through taking some basic control jobs such as aerodrome Ground Control through Tower Control and finally controlling and coordinating the entire FIR!

If you are in any doubt or can’t find your way around - our staff would like to assist you or get your comments.

  • Training Department's structure and noraml procedures: click here(Hebrew)
  • For Israeli ATC trainees, "How to start" guide: click here. (Hebrew)
  • For visting controllers & ATC trainees, check out Guest Controller Aprroval: click here.


Other infromation can be found on the right side menu (red for ATC training, green for pilots training)

We wish you enjoyable ATC trainings,

IVAO-IL Training Team.