Welcome to IVAO Israel's ATC Training Materials, The list below contains training materials on the main or basic positions in the Israeli FIR (HEBREW ONLY).

Please choose the position you wish to learn or started to learn and download the appropriate document. (or view it via Google Chrome)

Please keep in mind "ATC Training - Initial" (how to start guide) document located HERE.


  1. ATIS for ATC (for the beta Voice ATIS System)

Position overviews

  1. Rosh Pina Tower
  2. Haifa Tower
  3. Herzelia Tower
  4. Sde Dov Ground
  5. Sde Dov Tower
  6. Ben Gurion Clearance
  7. Ben Gurion Ground
  8. Ben Gurion Tower
  9. Ben Gurion Approach
  10. Ovda Tower
  11. Eilat Tower
  12. North Control - Pluto
  13. Ben Gurion TMA
  14. South Control
  15. Tel Aviv Control


  • Available materials marked with a underline and linkable.

For any help related with the materials list, please contact IL-TC via email.