Coming from VATSIM or a real-life ATCO? Like other division (US, AU..) IVAO Israel offering a rating transfer to VATSIM members!

This page will offer everything you need to know to get adjusted and transferred over to our community over here at IVAO Israel. We are always wellcoming to members coming from VATSIM and try to offer a smooth transition and a rating conversion program for those members interested.

Rating Conversion Table

Real World VATSIM IVAO Minimum Hours (*)
Aerodrome Controller TMA Controller (S3) ADC 25
Approach Controller Enroute Controller (C1) APC 40
Area Controller Senior Controller (C3) ACC 50
no transfer no transfer SEC

(*) Hours can be reduced if the Division has checked the ability of the applicant.

Having one of VATSIM's student ratings? (S1/S2) Contact us for individual guidance.


In order to be eligible for a rating transfer, the applicant has to fulfill certain requirements:

Step by Step Process (for VATSIM users)

  1. Make sure you are an active member of IVAO and VATSIM and verify that you hold at least an S3 rating on the VATSIM network.
  2. Quick session about IVAO netwrok's properties with IVAO Israel's ATC mentor or trainer. (use of IVAC, FRA's, etc..)
  3. Once you finished with the network familiarity stage, a training staff member will contact you to have a ATC "checkout" session in order to assess your application.
  4. Then you'll start controlling by your own on a basic position in order to ascertain with the network and achieve the required hours.
  5. When reaching to 10 hours of controlling you'll be need to make a successful completion of the IvAc theoretical exam.
  6. When reaching the "minimum hours" shown on the table above the division's HQ will send the request to IVAO HQ Training Department who will determine the final decision.
  7. Upon approval or denial, IVAO HQ Training Department will send an email to the Division HQ and the applicant on the results to inform the applicant.
  • Having one of VATSIM's student ratings? (S1/S2) Contact us for individual guidance.

Obtaining higher ratings after transfer

After the rating transfer is complete, the member will have to fulfill all the requirements for each additional higher rating including the hours and examinations. If the exams do not show properly, please contact the training department.


There are situations that might cause a rating to be downgraded once it is received. These are:

  • Indications of forged or fake documents or screenshots
  • Reports of sub-standard performance of the user in relation to the rating he or she was upgraded to
  • Misbehavior or violation of IVAO R/R which would result into a suspension from the network (serious or repeated violations)

IVAO Israel Division HQ reserves the right to make any exceptions to the rating transfer process if deemed necessary. 

Daniel Shulga
Israel Director

Stas Harchuk
Israel Assistant Director