The list contains the certified controllers in Israel's airspace (LLLL FIR) and describes the area and\or the position they are qualified and certify to control on.

The list will be updated on a daily basis according to the division's training department request.

Controllers who are not on this list; are not entitled to control in LLLL FIR without a special permission of the IL-TC\IL-HQ, Controllers who are members of other divisions (GCA) appear in another list which can be accessed as well on the site.

  • GND - can control on LLBG\SD Ground position.
  • CTR or TWR - can control all the way from DEL to TWR\CTR.
  • ; - Indicates about a breakdown to specific TWR\APP\CTR position.
  • TMA - Indicates about LLBG_TMA (as LLBG_CTR) and includes all positions from DEL to APP in the area. (LLSD\HZ\BG\EK.. for example)

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