The Commercial Pilot (CP) exam is the final divisional practical exam for pilots focuses on IFR flight on jet-airliners flights.

We recommend to Hebrew speakers to get all the information at VFS - Virtual Flight School to get all the information in hebrew and even group trainings.

For English speakers, there is the offical IVAO information for CP exams:

Commercial Pilot (CP)

Commercial Pilot
Chapter Subject
Aircraft Knowledge and Performance Advanced navigation instrument
Fuel consumption estimation
IFR Procedures and Chart Interpretation Minimum flight altitudes (MEA,MOCA...)
Meteorology En-route winds charts explanation
Phraseology IFR phraseology - ACC level
General Aspect Fuel consumption management
RVSM and non-RVSM airspace
Practical Techniques How to perform a circling approach [A320]
How to perform an ILS approcha [A320]
How to perform an NDB approach [A320]
How to perform an VOR approach [A320]


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