The Private Pilot (PP) exam is the first practical exam of all pilots exams.

You are going to be tested on the following topics:

  1. Basic software use. (IVAP)
  2. METAR, TAF and ATIS decoding.
  3. Hebrew & English RT Phraseology.
  4. Basic English Proficiency.
  5. VFR Navigation (VOR, NDB..)
  6. CVFR Navigation. (ALL)

We recommend to Hebrew speakers to get all the information at VFS - Virtual Flight School to get all the information in hebrew and even group trainings.

For English speakers, there is the offical IVAO information for PP exams:

Private Pilot (PP) - IVAO Docs

Private Pilot
Chapter Subject
Theory Air traffic Services
VFR cruise altitude and semi circular Rules
VFR flight rules
Aircraft Knowledge and Performance Aircraft flight instrument
How to use altimeter setting
Airspeed definition
Basic navigation intrument - ADF
Basic navigation intrument - VOR
VFR Procedures and Chart Interpretation Aerodrome circuit pattern description
VFR chart symbol explanation
VFR chart explanation
Meteorology SIGMET explanation
TAF explanation
Phraseology VFR phraseology
General Aspect How to use the runway

Aerodrome lighting system

Aerodrome marking signs
Which ATC to contact ?
Choose correct runway
Prior Departure VFR initial clearance
VFR flight planning
VFR Navigation and Arrival Introduction to navigation
Joinning an aerodrome circuit
VFR exercices
Practical Techniques How to perform an aerodrome circuit [C172]
How to use NDB
How to use VOR

Have finished studying? Have you read all the IVAO materials? Practiced alone or in a group?

Cilabus of the PP Exam prepration meeting here.

If you are ready to take the exam, go for a briefing exam! (Click here)

Good luck to all examinees, 
IVAO Israel Training Staff.