The Senior Private Pilot (SPP) exam is the second practical exam for pilots focuses on IFR flights.

We recommend to Hebrew speakers to get all the information at VFS - Virtual Flight School to get all the information in hebrew and even group trainings.

For English speakers, there is the offical IVAO information for PP exams:

Senior Private Pilot (SPP) - IVAO Docs

Senior Private Pilot
Chapter Subject
Theory Flight Plan Understanding
IFR cruise altittude and semi circular Rules
IFR flight rules
Aircraft Knowledge and Performance V-speed designator
IFR navigation instrument - ILS
Standard aircraft parameters during flight
Standard aircraft weights
IFR Procedures and Chart Interpretation IFR chart symbol explanation
Minimum Radar Vectoring Altitude (MRVA)
Minimum Sector Altitude (MSA)
Final approach procedures and minima
IAC chart explanation
SID chart explanation
Standard IFR procedure construction
STAR chart explanation
Phraseology IFR phraseology - SPP level
General Aspect Wake turbulence
IFR separation
Prior Departure IFR initial clearance
How to make an IFR flight briefing
IFR flight planning
IFR Arrival Holding pattern procedures
Top of descent calculation
IFR Final Approach IFR non precision approach procedure
IFR Precision approach procedure
Missed approach procedures
Practical Techniques How to perform a DME arc
How to perform an holding pattern with VOR
How to perform an ILS approach [BE20]
How to track a NDB
How to track a VOR

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