Pilots Training

The IVAO community enables people, like yourself, to enjoy flight online with real-time control and interact with both controllers and fellow pilots.

Flying online requires some basic training and from there on it's up to you to what level you take your skills and type of flying. Some like light weight aircrafts and low altitude flying enjoying the view, while others prefer heavy jets in commercial routes.
Whatever you choose, Israel division has a lot of training material and experienced staff to point you in the right direction.

  • We encourage you to acquire some basic training in one of the virtual flying schools. If you speak Hebrew we recommend you to join VFS - Virtual Flight School.
  • To get yourself ready to the practical and theoretical exams in order to achieve one of the pilots ratings you can check out the materials and information on the "Pilots Training" section of the website.
  • Check out the guidelines for pilots on the Pilots section - click here.


Note that for some information we will direct you to IVAO main website, in order that the information presented to you will always be current and full, while some pages that refer to our environment were written specially for the Israel Division.

We like to fly As Real As It Get so we encourage people to use our regional charts and information published in this website.


If you are in any doubt or can’t find your way around - our staff will gladly assist you.

We wish you an enjoyable flight.

IVAO Israel's Training Team.