Are you a real Private Pilot? a Commercial Pilot? Wants to get your rating matched on IVAO network when you're flying online? This page will give you all the related information.

Rating Conversion Table

Real World IVAO Minimum Hours (*)
PPL or CPL without IR PP 25
PPL or CPL or ATPL with IR SPP 40
CPL or ATPL with IR and MEL CP 50
no transfer ATP

(*) Hours can be reduced if the Division has checked the ability of the applicant.


  • Hold a valid Pilot licence, issued in accordance with ICAO/FAA standards.
  • Be a member of an IVAO Israel division.
  • Successful completion of the IvAp theoretical exam (as applicable).
  • Has logged a minimum of hours on our network (see conversion table for the relevant minimum hours).
  • Shows exemplary behaviour in accordance with IVAO's Rules and Regulations.
  • The Division HQ of the applicant has to support the request. To be able to do so, the Division HQ will have to either know the applicant personally or had the occasion to see the applicant fly or control on our network.
  • Under certain conditions the minimum required hours can be waived, if it is assured that the member shows a perfect handling. This decision is made by the Division and should be checked carefully by a practical check or interview. HQ resolves the right to make a crosscheck.

Transfer Procces

To start the transfer procces please send a email to the division HQ (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with: 

  • Full Name.
  • Current IVAO Rating.
  • Licence information (a scan will be required in some point).

IVAO Israel Division HQ reserves the right to make any exceptions to the rating transfer process if deemed necessary. 

Daniel Shulga
Israel Director

Stas Harchuk
Israel Assistant Director