Rosh Pina Airport, also known as Ben Ya'akov Airport or Mahanayim Airport (ICAO:LLIB IATA:RPN), is a small airport located in Rosh Pina and Mahanayim.

Rosh Pina Airport handles domestic flights and is used by the Israeli Air Force as a helicopters base while training in its area.

The airport has two runways 15/33 (3,655ft or 1,114m) and 05/23 (3,190ft or 972m), currently runway 05/23 is closed and used as parking spot for Israeli Air Force helicopters.

  1. Aerodrome Chart
  2. Parking Spots
  3. CVFR IN/OUT and Choppers Routes
  4. CVFR Join with Communication loss
  5. Visual Circuits
  6. Instrument Departure (DESHE1)
  7. Instrument Approach (Cloud Break)