The Local Tours are a compilation of flights in the Israeli FIR, established for any kind of flight rules and aircraft.

In these tours you'll cruise above Israel's natural beauty. The snow-covered mount Hermon, southern Negev deserts, israeli major cities including Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The Kineret Sea, The Dead Sea, and more.

We will add more tours during the year, some "quick" tours with speical missions and some regular tours. CVFR\VFR tours will be publish evrey january on a regular basis.

Completing these tours will grant you with a badge in your IVAO profile.

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*updated: 11\01\2017.
           -  Israel's "Great Division User" Award
In order to recieve the "Great Division User" award, you must finish at least 4 IL tours and participate in at least two major IL events.
The "Great Division User" Award is monitored by IL-MC. Think you desrve it?  Check out "GDU17A" on the MODA System.