After several years without active division nor major activity within the Israeli FIR we are here to change it. The new Isaeli division will provide for you, pilots and controllers, the opportunity to fly or control "As real as its gets" with enthusiastic  fellow members.

We shall do our best to provide you, using our website, all necessary information, add-ons or software needed to fly and control in the Israeli FIR, including: NOTAM's, Charts, Sceneries and the all new Sector file and color scheme that look exactly like the real thing used in the real world.

Our main goals are:

  • Provide a supporting community for those who share our hobby.
  • Create As real As It Gets simulation of real time flight and control.
  • Provide the necessary information regarding our air-space.
  • Embrace and create environment of continues learning and improvement.

Our "Doctrine":

  • Plan and Commit.
  • Implement.
  • Investigate your actions, get opinions and conclusions.
  • Enhance and improve next time..
in order for you to enjoy your time on the Israeli FIR please do explore our website, check our Rules and Regulation, visit our Training,Operations and Events Departments.
We wish to see and hear you in our air-space, hope you'll enjoy your experience and bring your friends as well.
Safe Landings,
IVAO Israel staff.

Daniel Shulga
Israel Director

Stas Harchuk
Israel Assistant Director